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There has been a wide gap separating those who prefer modern city life and those who prefer to be in nature. The gap seems to be a lot wider when it comes to clothing style. Those who love modern lifestyle are more likely to wear fancy clothes and high-end fashion items.

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At this point, those who do not really belong to both groups may wonder what they should do to change that perception. Of course, it is always possible to be in nature and look gorgeous at the same time. Thus, safari trips are one of the best ways to combine both worlds, emphasizing that it is possible to be a goddess in nature. Note that you can always look stunning and fabulous even if you are a professional hiker, only if you know what to do. Thus, this article will explain what you should wear on a safari trip.

Neutral Colors

a person wearing hatsThere are reasons why neutral colors are the best when you go on a safari trip. The colors can include brown, light brown, dark green, and gray. First, the colors represent the surrounding, making it a perfect blend. This way, you will not have to worry about disturbing wildlife. Another reason why neutral colors are perfect for the trip is to avoid looking odd. Remember that it is vital to blend perfectly with the surrounding as it will make you look natural. This statement also applies to other events that require you to dress nicely. Fortunately, colors are one of the most versatile aspects of fashion that you can play with. You can opt to wear a sleeveless top and pants combined with a pair of leather boots and a leather jacket.

Cover Up!

Another tip that you can follow is to wear long pants and sleeves. The reason is to protect your skin from the heat. Note that it can be quite hot, especially when the trips take place in tropical countries. You do not want to look like boiled shrimps, do you? It is why it is crucial to cover up. It is also not advisable to wear a dress as the trips often require you to be highly mobile. Remember that you will be out there in nature with wildlife surrounding you. However, if you still need to look fancy, you can always play with hats and sunglasses as these items will help you look stylish.