You should think of strawberry skin symptoms once you notice small dark spots on your legs or the legs of someone close to you. This condition is not common and might appear strange the first time you encounter it, yet it is easy to manage the condition, and it should not be a major source of alarm.

The definition of strawberry legs in general, and it encompasses many causal factors you might need to know to address the issue conclusively. The focus should be on how to get rid of strawberry skin and its best to start with finding out why strawberry skin occurs in the first place.

Clogging of Pores

You can have a problem with the pore opening mechanism in the skin on your legs leading to dark spots due to exposure to air. Clogging arises because of debris, dead skin, and bacteria. The drying of the debris is the main reason why the pore spots darken and end up manifesting as the strawberry leg symptoms.

Inflammation of Hair Follicles

The sources of inflammation in the body vary, but a sure thing is an inflation linking to the appearance of strawberry skin conditions. In such cases, you see a small red bump or blister appearing, and there might be scabs forming later. The healing process takes longer, which makes it irritating and also unpleasant to look. You might be getting inflammation on the hair follicles because of ingrowing hair that fails to break through the skin.

Leaving the Skin to Dry

When the skin stays overly dry, it becomes easy to spot the strawberry legs symptoms because it leads to drying of the spots at a fast rate. The dry skin will darken faster than moist skin since the darkening is due to the drying of the debris or dead parts of the skin. Thus, avoid situations that will cause your skin to stay dry for too long, and make sure you pay attention to any of the changes appearing on your skin early.

Be Careful as you Shave

Some problems leading to the strawberry legs are due to wrong habits. If you are prone to using dull razors and leaving your skin dry, then you are missing the skin. Sometimes you might feel there is no need for getting shaving cream when you see no need for it. However, these omissions are common causes of the problem. Thus, next time you shave, use correct procedures and necessary accessories and oils or creams to reduce damage to the skin.

Remove Hair Completely

Irrespective of the method you pick for shaving, make sure you remove the hair completely rather than leaving it bent and likely to cause in growing which would worsen the problem. An epilator would be an appropriate solution for those who find waxing too cumbersome or irritating. Make sure you get a recommended size, and you follow user instructions.

Make Exfoliation a Regular Affair

You can also get rid of strawberry legs by removing dead skin, debris, bacterial infections, and overgrown hair regularly. You will be addressing the root causes of the problem.