You’ve made up your mind, and you have prepared yourself to take a step that will change your life forever, and that is proposing marriage to your lover. But one thing suddenly becomes so concerning. A task that you once thought easy has become a complicated matter, which is to choose the wedding ring for your lover.

However, do not worry anymore because you have come to the right place! Here are the foolproof steps to choosing a wedding ring when you visit a reliable store. Read on.

Buy Her Dummy Jewelry

lovers' bondDummy here doesn’t mean fake. You should buy jewelry for your lover to see his/her preference. Some people like gold over diamonds, while some others choose to wear gemstones over platinum. The most important thing for you to note is that the price does not always dictate its value. You want to get a ring that is special only for your lover, not for anyone else.

Earrings can be a good start to read your lover’s mind. If he/she likes a simple design, then that is your cue. The high chances are that your lover wants to wear a wedding ring that is not extravagant, both in its look and price. However, you must think of what engravement that can represent your relationship with him/her. And that will be one special ring for life!

Discuss with Your Lover

wedding ringsIf you don’t want to risk yourself of getting the wrong ring, why won’t you talk directly to your lover? If you do this step, your lover will surely feel much appreciated because you want both of you to decide for such an important event in life. Therefore, you should know that surprising your lover is not the only option.

What’s better than a discussion is to bring him/her directly to a jewelry store. A reputable store is the place where you can spend hours to consult with the jewelers. If both of you can’t decide, then entrust it to the professional.

Decide Your Budget

Whether you want to buy a wedding ring yourself or with your partner, you have to calculate your budget in advance. Discuss it with your partner if you feel financially overwhelmed. There is no shame in it! Besides, if your lover cannot understand your financial condition, he/she is not suitable for you. It can be your moment of truth.

Moreover, do not spend most of your wedding budget on the ring. You still need plenty of other things to do at your wedding, and all of them require money. The rule of thumb here is to spend no more than 3% of your total wedding budget.