shoes types

Every woman loves a good pair of shoes. The truth is most of the time we are guilty of buying things that we do not need. If you are planning to downgrade your shoe closet, it is time to stick to the essential.

We all love shoes, but it is possible to downgrade your shoes to 4 pair of shoes. Having shoes that you need will help you avoid the need to pay shoes that you do not need. Here are the 4 pair of shoes that every woman should have in their closet:

Ballerina Shoes

Ballerina shoes are the best type of shoes to own for a girly look. These shoes are comfortable for everyday wear, and you can walk for a long distance without any worry. Ballerina shoes are quite comfortable, and they can be own with any outfit.

You can wear them in a casual and also a formal setting. When it comes to these types of shoes, you can choose pointed toe and also round toe. It all depends on the type of look that you want to achieve with your shoes.

ballerina shoes


Pumps are a good alternative on those days that you want to wear high heel shoes. Wearing pumps is recommended for an official or formal look. Pumps also come in a variety of designs. You can get pointed toe pumps and stiletto for a sleek look.

We also have pumps that have a block heel for people who are not comfortable with walking on stilettos. You can choose any heel length depending on how comfortable you would like to be. Anything with an average of 3 inches s right for you.


Sandals are a good option for daily wear. You can choose from a wide variety of sandals available. We have flat heel sandals that can be worn during summer and around the beach. We also have high heel sandals that can be used for casual wear.

We have wedge sandals in case you are not comfortable with wearing heel sandals. Shoes are ideal for weekends and non-formal wear. They give out a laid-back look and feel.



Boots are a girl’s best friend. Everyone loves a good pair of boots. You can wear your boots with a pair of jeans or even a sundress.

Boots are a lifesaver during the cold season because they make you stay warm while at the same time looking stylish. You can choose different types of boots and lengths depending on your style.